Gibson ES295 , ON SALE, please email:   post  (at)

Gibson ES 295, „Gold Top“ (remake, 1991), known as Scotty Moore model, serial No 9 115 1 441, built May 31, 1991 in Kalamazoo, production No 441, with pickguard, Bigsby and case.

I purchased this guitar December 1991 from a dealer, Mr. Erhard Fechner (RIP) of „Music-Center“ in West Berlin, Germany, fully paid in March 1992. Since March 92 I played this great guitar constantly until 2012. This Gibson has one visual imperfection on the backside, but is in „good“ condition.  Compared to todays Gold Top models this 1991 remake offers a fantastic manufacturing quality with great working issues for studio recordings and reliable live touring. This instrument is a unique piece of music history that got signed by original musicians that created rockabilly and rock’n’roll music in the 1950’s: Scotty Moore and James Burton (of Elvis), Franny Beecher (of Benny Goodman, Bill Haley’s Comets), Roland Janes and Kenny Lovelace (of Jerry Lee Lewis), Carl Perkins, Carl Mann, Sonny Burgess, Sleepy LaBeef, Bob Wootton (of Johnny Cash). Note: only Roland Janes‘ signature got fixed with polymer resin lacquer. One cabel ton sound nob got changed. Everything is fully documented. 


with Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana, Germany

with Marvin Rainwater, Germany
with Ray Campi, Germany
with Rolf Zacher, Germany